The Kings Domain: Studies on the Kingdom of Heaven

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The seven considerations above are true of spiritual kingdoms too. It makes a very interesting and enlightening study. Why not open your Bible and read the passages given? To help you make a personal application of the study, here are some questions to consider. But how do we know what is right? Who defines what is right? Each individual?

The world? We need to know, because it is a very serious mistake to be wrong about what is right. Home Topics List Next www.

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First there needs to be a monarch. So every kingdom is concerned with having someone crowned and enthroned as ruler. Next, every kingdom has to have a realm or territory over which its monarch rules. That realm must be occupied by citizens. The citizens must abide by certain laws issued by the monarch. The citizens also live by certain distinguishing customs.

A kingdom is concerned with its strength and power in conquering and defending. Kingdom How Do You Enter?

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    Part 2. Passing Through to the Next. What is a Kingdom? Now I will give you a little more than a synopsis of what a kingdom is. A kingdom is a governing impact of a king's will over a territory or domain; his influence over a people Every kingdom must have a king, but it is also true that every king is automatically a "lord".

    It is this quality of lordship that distinguishes a king from a president, a prime minister, a mayor or a governor. In fact, a king's lordship makes him different from any other kind of human leader. Lordship makes the king unique. The most common word in scripture is the word "lord". Keep in mind that this word does not exist in a democracy, socialist society or a republic except for the word landlord, in reference to the one who owns and rents land to others.

    Landlord is the only common remnant of kingdoms in modern government and Western societies; but this concept of lord is one of the fundamental principles of a kingdom.

    Now let us speak on a king for awhile. A king's sovereignty is absolute.


    He isn't voted into nor out of office or power. His sovereignty is by birthright--or should I say a right of birth. The same is true of a king's lordship. All kings are automatically lords. Keep this in mind--a king relates to dominion, while a lord relates to domain. The word dominion refers to the king's authority--his power.

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    The word domain refers to the territory, the property, the geographical area over which his authority extends. A king exercises his authority over a specific geographical area. Keep in mind what I mentioned A dominion refers to a king's authority and a domain refers to his geographical territory. Remember that kings personally own the physical domain over which they reign. That makes them not only kings but also lords. Kings and property go together! We should always remember that "big brother" Jesus always focused on the Kingdom. The Kingdom concept was born in the heart of man, placed there by his Creator as the purpose for which he was created.

    Despite the fact that there were many types of kingdoms throughout history, there are certain characteristics common to all kingdoms. The Kingdom of God, according to Jesus, also possesses these components. Here's some of them, so that you can understand the Kingdom concept All kingdoms have: a.