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I'll talk about books in a few categories for more general summer reading, a list if you will, and then move into the third round of book speed dating for Some of the books mentioned are backlisted titles, while others might not come out until June , or in one tiny case, August. Paula, known as Centique in Litsy, joins me from New Zealand to talk books. Paula tends to read backlisted titles, because she is devoted to her TBR list. We talk translations, gloomy books, and cuteness. There are a few sounds from the resident pets but what can you expect?

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Download or listen via this link: Reading Envy Readalong 3. As promised, I am back with another round of book speed dating, and all of them are galleys. Most came out in April so you can read them right away if they are up your alley but one will wait until June. I think even the books I didn't love might be perfect for someone else. I also have an announcement about summer reading.

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Jeff Koeppen returns to the Reading Envy Pub, stamping the snow from his boots so we can chat books. We cover poetry for National Poetry Month, science in tribute to his first episode, North Korea, Scotland, apocalypse, and a new modern classic. Jenny sits down in the Reading Envy pub with a friend known to many Litsy buddy reads and challenges - Scott Eaton, aka vivastory. We chat about true crime, vampires, character studies, and more.

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Download or listen via this link: Reading Envy Quote, Unquote. A much beloved guest of Reading Envy, Karen Acosta, is back to talk about a few recent reads and related films she is excited about. She sneaks in a few extra titles by talking about related books in series or trilogies. In , just before its meteoric ascent began, Jennifer had only ranked number on the charts — about where it is now.

Now, as they get older, their name will gradually become more and more of a historical curiosity; once synonymous with youth, Jennifer may instead become, like Agnes or Mildred, synonymous with old age.

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Over all, the names parents choose for girls show far more volatility than names given to boys. In , the number two name for all girls was Shirley. In , it ranked number You can see a graphical representation of naming trends here. Michael has been one of the three most popular boys names every year since William has been in the top 20 every year for the last century though, interestingly, it has never hit number one in that time. It entered the top in ; by , it had disappeared from the list.

It's the battle of the Jennifers as Jen blames J-Lo for divorce rumours

Listen Live. E-mail this article. Recording of their fifth studio album, Road to Rouen , began in France in a studio built by the band in Normandy. Petersburg ", the string-laden first single, was released on 8 August The album followed a week later released 27 September in North America and reached No. Opinion at the time was divided, but the album garnered the band many new fans and a measure of creative respect, some even embracing it as "the sound of a band at last hitting their stride". Third single " Fin ", interpreted as a missive to the Coombes brothers' recently deceased mother, received much critical praise, The Guardian [25] referring to it as "so gorgeously light and airy that listening to it is like sleepwalking in space".

The band toured the songs in both acoustic and electric formats with percussionist Satin Singh joining the live band throughout. The band toured in the summer of , headlining Guilfest , among others, and debuting new material, with the youngest sibling of the Coombes brothers, ex- s keyboardist Charly , on second guitar, percussion and backing vocals. On 27 September bassist Mick Quinn sustained a broken heel bone and two spinal fractures in a sleepwalking accident whilst on holiday in France Quinn sleepwalked out of a first floor window of the villa he was staying at in the South of France.

Charly directed Glange Fever under pseudonym "Chas Harrison" a rockumentary which followed their exploits.

The single was released as a limited edition, chocolate vinyl 7". In , Parlophone was taken over by venture capitalist group, Terra Firma , and Supergrass ended their contract with the label. You're the problem". On 12 April , the band announced they were to split up after a series of four farewell shows, with their final gig in Paris on 11 June At the time of the split, Supergrass were working on their seventh studio album, tentatively titled Release the Drones. In early , the band revealed that the album had been influenced by krautrock bands such as Can , and drone music , and that the members had swapped instruments on several tracks during its recording.

It's been cool to try something different and chaotic. In July , it was reported in the press that the band were to reform and play at Pilton Party on 6 September During , Coombes and Quinn were invited to play on Dr John 's Anutha Zone album they appear on the track "Voices In My Head" , [39] whilst Goffey contributed to the debut album by Lodger which also featured his partner Pearl Lowe and members of the band Delicatessen.

Lyrics not available.

He plays drums on the charity football song "Born In England" by a collective of musicians called Twisted X, which charted at number 8 in the UK Charts in Coombes performed vocals on The Who's classic song "Bargain". In and , while Mick Quinn was still recuperating from his injury, Danny Goffey and Gaz Coombes were performing as the duo Diamond Hoo Ha Men , the name taken from the band's sixth album and its lead single see above. Gigs included an appearance at the Apple Store on London's Regent Street, which featured Mick Quinn's first appearance in the band since his injury.

He appeared on stage introduced by Gaz as Biff Hymen. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the witnesses who betray information about associated criminals, see Supergrass informant. Britpop alternative rock.

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