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And I was so nervous in front of 20 people. That song still reminds me of that every time we play it. The other night, he was there with his parents, just losing his mind.

Patrick Carney on The Black Keys' rock resurrection

He could have whipped all of us. His handshake was crushing. Alysse Gafkjen. Newswire Powered by.

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Top Stories. Place your left thumb on Middle C.

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  • Now play B with your index finger, Bb with your middle finger and then A with your thumb. Practise until it feels natural.

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    Now your thumb is on A, it frees up the rest of your fingers to play lower notes, both black and white. Starting with your index finger on your right hand and, working from C to F, see if you can play the white and black keys in a fluid motion. Use your thumb for D, and end with your fourth finger on F.

    Flats Black keys to the left of white keys are flats. Sharps Any black key to the right of a white key is a sharp. MusicRadar The No. Top tip Tones and semitones Tones and semitones or steps and half steps are common terms to define distance between notes.