Never Mad Again: The Transformational Guide to Live in Peace

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When we first met, our grief-friendship partly grew out of a mutual frustration with existing grief support. We know how this happens. At all. This one is tricky, because there are many grievers who have the experience of making a choice to think differently, in a way that they later realize was crucial to moving out of the darkest place.

Aggravation 5: The butterfly and the rainbow sound sooooo perfect. In an over-simplified version of this narrative the butterfly and the rainbow sound like a place where the pain of grief is resolved. Years later we still may be struggling. So there it is, our list of beefs.

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These misunderstandings, in the darkest moments of our grief, can often exacerbate our own fears of the future. Sadly, sometimes it can make us angry, hardened and jaded.

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If you are someone who feels they have not experienced growth after grief — you are not alone and there is nothing wrong with you. But whatever the reason we often hear these inspirational grief stories told in 2 hours or pages, and they become an unrealistic ideal. Even when you grow, even when today is a little better than yesterday, grief still remains. Those things stick around, in some way, forever. But you can be aware that your perspective does have a huge impact.

Fact 6 : You can feel free to embrace or reject the rainbow and the butterfly imagery. That said, this feels like a challenge!! You know we love thinking about grief, photography and images that express emotion. It can be a photograph, a drawing, painting, art journal page, whatever! Share it with us on facebook, instagram or twitter by posting it to our page, tagging us, or using the hashtag WhatsYourGriefLookLike.

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And if it is a photograph, you can submit it to photogrief. Alright, that about does it for today. Leave a comment to tell us what you think about butterflies and rainbows and growth and grief. Or subscribe. Or check out our podcast. Or do all of the above!

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Thank you for this. I believe in God, I have huge faith that my son is in heaven, and still I miss him with everything I am. He was 17 and has been gone for 89 days.

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He was mowing his grandparents lawn and the tractor rolled on a slope. I just hurt. My heart is broken and the wounds are raw. Great article and really do agree with all of the above — being with my Mum watching her day but everyday wanting to live, she thrived and smiled throughout her illness and towards the very end her spirit glowed as she took her last breath. Her passing objects moved, lights flickered, things fell, butterflies visit.

A robin sat on my hand…..

Timely and fortunate events, and dark days of butterflies and black rainbows….. Her death and not being here but at rest and at peace…. Thank You for your point blank honesty. One of My biggest problem since losing my son is trying to be nice and respect people who I feel or at least hope their intentions are in the right place.

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  • Them comparing the loss of my 26 yr old son who was months from starting law school Smart , mapped out life who was killed by a drunk driver is compared to the love and devotion I have for my son….. I may never forgive her for her selfish thoughtlessness. I would give anything on earth to have my son living a happy, healthy life and just not wanting me in it like her daughter is doing. So true.. That, had I truly grasped that before my mom became ill and faced death, I could have made her life better, IF I WAS this enlightened person that death has made me.

    In that, lies tremendous guilt and shame. So, for now, I deny the joy of enlightment, tucking it in a safe place, until I am ready for it. Great article, you are right on the money about rainbows and butterflies. I like the person i was, grief has cracked and broken me. Thanx again for article. Barb, I could have written your post. I feel the same way. The mind knows, the heart wants…The yearning; the waiting, I wait. It cant be true.

    In sadness. Nobody understands the primal yearning. Thank you for this article. I hate that phrase. I push myself through each day, mostly as a tribute to my son, trying to make it a reflection of the life he cannot live. However, there a no rainbows. An enormous part of what was my rainbow is gone…I do not want a new rainbow…I want the old one with him in it back.

    Two and one half years after her death, after 33 years of marriage, and still, and for as far as I can see into the future, when I look for a rainbow, this is what I see. I decided at the beginning of my grief journey that I would not let the images and expectations of how those around me perceive grief define my own journey. The process was complicated by very little family support, problems with the funeral home and my church.

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    • I decided to go to therapy, so I could speak freely and get my head clear. Long walks on the beach, a new church, moving in with my daughter temporarily in a new city, many support groups, Zumba, this blog and others have all helped me to feel more stable and secure. Thank you for these words of relief with expectations. This culture is always about outcomes and productivity.

      How Can I Find Inner Peace?

      Grief is countercultural and just real life and operates in its own time zone. I am open to where this journey takes me slowly. I lean on God. And I let go that it has to have a certain outcome. I am learning to live with the grief of losing my precious son 22 months ago in an accident. I miss him so much it aches somedays. I think as time goes on we get better at hiding our grief, but the heartbreak remains. Thank you for your posts.