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Cath Andrews — September 4, Facebook LinkedIn Flipboard 0. You may have a great boss. He may even pay you well. A different path — a path many people just like you have taken. No more dragging yourself out of bed to go to work that bores you.

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No more rush hour. You commute to your home-based office — your sofa, next to your co-worker pooch. Or your kitchen table, or front porch, or wherever you choose. No more 9 to 5. You work when you want to. You fit your time around your kids, or your mom, or your trips to the spa. Everything you earn, minus taxes, is yours. Nor is building a successful online business. No more full-time job with benefits and a monthly paycheck. No working with colleagues on the next big project. Wanting to fire your boss is probably not the best reason to start your own online business.

What could personal freedom mean for you? Here are some possibilities: The income to help you take open-ended trips when you work part-time and vacation part-time. Being able to spend more quality time with your children or grandchildren.

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Knowing you can change your schedule to fit around times when your family or friends need you. The pleasure of knowing that your knowledge can help others. A keyword brainstorming tool to determine interest and potential.

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A guide to take you, step-by-step, through the process of writing high quality content that your ideal audience will find, leading them to trust you enough to buy what you offer. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Quick question: Can you fit a square peg into a round hole? The answer is NO! You want everything to run smoothly. Not so much when your boss keeps missing deadlines.

Your whole schedule will be in chaos. Unreasonably Demanding Before you got onto a project, you determined the project scope.

Why My Friend Set Out to Fire Her Boss

Knocks Your Confidence Does your boss: Make you feel that you are not good enough? Constantly put you down? Criticize your work without saying what it is that they want? That is a confidence knocker. You Find the Work Unsuitable Sometimes, it is not about the boss.

You may find the task at hand: Click image to download the Cheat Sheet. Think about this for a moment: Would you rather keep up with such a boss only to end up regretting why it took you so long to realize that she was a massive weight on your shoulders? The Boss Is Rude to You There are bullies everywhere, but as a virtual assistant do not stomach a rude boss just because he pays you well and on time. Want the truth? Or… Work with a boss who pays you on time so that you get to move on to better things?

Your guess is as good as ours.

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How to Decide to Fire Your Boss Image from: Be Leaderly Do you remember how excited you were when you first started your online journey as a virtual assistant? Fast forward… Here you are, contemplating firing your boss. How do you decide on this? There are exceptions to the rules though. Does the boss need to provide a more detailed briefing document?

Try and get solutions to these questions. Check your Ego Sometimes you may actually be the one at fault. So what can you do about that?

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Is it that I had to deal with several revisions of my submitted work? And it drove me nuts!? Yet my boss was not unreasonable? Did I pay close attention to exactly what my boss was looking for in that project? When you honestly answer these questions, you will be able to decide who is at fault. Is the client making you lose money? Remember, projects that eat into your profit margins are not worth waking up for.

Take a deep breath Remember how we talked about not acting in the heat of the moment?

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This avoidance of feedback is most likely due to the fact that they don't want to face the fact that what you're doing for the company just doesn't make the grade—and they're too nervous to make this sort of confrontation before firing you. After your boss has decided to fire you, they will stop valuing your opinion—or really anything you have to say, for that matter. Your opinions are no longer valid—and they've even stopped asking for it altogether.

When this happens, your worst fear may have been realized—your boss has completely brushed you aside and no longer cares about your work for the company. When you're being fired, you may want to point to previously written examples of your good work in order to be able to stand up for all of the hard work that you've accomplished for the company thus far.

In short, you want to be able to make your case for staying at the company with real evidence from your boss. So, in order to ensure that you can't reach for these previous examples of praise from your boss, upon deciding to fire you, they will cut this form of communication short, according to Forbes. HotJobs, a boss who is looking to fire you or is behaving in a hostile manner towards you, will often cross their legs and arms, as well as make a point to present a domineering presence by taking advantage of every opportunity to physically tower over you.

Additionally, during meetings, they will avoid sitting near you and fail to introduce you to anyone new in the mix. One of the most obvious signs that your boss is about to fire you? This disruption inevitably means that your boss no longer trusts you with your workload—so your job may be in real peril. According to Kerr, if you've been left out of the most important decision-making meetings, then that points to the fact that your boss no longer values your opinion as it pertains to the business. This, in short, is basically the equivalent of a door being closed in your face—but in a painfully slow fashion.

In addition to cutting off communication completely, they will further ensure this closed off persona by keeping their office door shut at all times—especially if they rarely worry about privacy. This might point to the fact that they want no interruption—or confrontation by you. Throughout this process, it's also important to remember that your boss is still a human being, and while this hostile treatment is unfair, it's a natural reaction to the environment created by constantly hiring and firing others.

So, when they're constantly disagreeing with you, it may just mean that your boss is attempting to placate their own insecurities about firing you. Similar to steering clear of friendly conversation, says Forbes , is your boss' clear exclusion of your participation in office banter.

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This pertains to jokes and gossip that involve the whole team—that, in fact, make you a part of the team. When your boss is looking to fire you, they often exclude you from team bonding as they no longer see you as a part of the team. According to Forbes , when your human resources managers are also acting cold or indifferent to you, avoiding contact at all times, this presents itself as an even bigger indication that you'll soon be fired from your job.