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You never know what you might have in common with them and what relationships may come out of it! Keep examining your practice and taking the time to reflect. Reflection is the seed you plant, and putting that practice in place allows you to grow. Naturally, you have to understand that there are so many experiences to be had to allow you to develop tons of your teaching self; that is a mindset I adopted early on in September. I believe that In order to be the best version of yourself as an educator, you have to stay true to who you are and your core values.

So, be proud of who you are and be your authentic self! I hesitated to put this advice in the blog, but I realized that this was a huge component in my success this semester.

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Evidently, there is a fine line in the infamous concept of finding balance. A good start would be deciding what IS truly important to you and where you can put your time and energy. In my opinion, the most important aspect of this program is the mentorship. I must admit, my in-school mentorship has saved me.

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Big time! Being able to choose an educator who is able to support me in every aspect of my teaching, in who I feel I can confide in and trust changes the game. I had the pleasure of being mentored by Eryka Desrosiers, an innovative English teacher in Quebec. We documented our mentee and mentor conversations through sketchnotes, Google Docs, and a couple podcasts. Take a listen to our first one here. If you are a new teacher looking for a mentor, do not be shy to reach out to myself, Noa or Leigh! Many members of your PLN could mentor you in different ways. All things considered, my advice is to not be scared to find someone to lean on.

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  • Find educators, find experts, ask them questions and build relationships with them. Lastly, and most importantly If you keep a growth mindset, ask questions, be yourself, stop comparing and find people to support you - I can almost promise that you will be able to live a successful first year of teaching. Going into my second semester, I am going to take my own advice. Keep my focus on what works, ask myself how I can improve and continuously try and find balance.

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    An extra resource I want to share for any new teachers reading is the free Disillusionment Power Pack from Roxanna Elden. I don't send these emails to most of the people on my mailing list, nor will you find them on my website. They are my small experiment in over-sharing for new teachers who are having really bad days right now. If that's you, sign up below to receive emails every few days for one month.

    Which, as you'll see soon, might be all you really need. You can sign up to receive these emails at: RoxannaElden. This is my school.